Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dresses for Claire

I have been sewing a lot this last little while, mostly things for Claire. This ruffly white skirt was made from the bottom layer cut off of a skirt my mom had (don't worry she cut the layer off) Thanks mom!

she was in need of Sunday dresses

Claire loves Cinderella, it is the only disney movie she will sit and watch for the whole thing. We have 2 princess birthday parties this week.Happy Birthday to Marissa today! (that purse goes with the black and white dress)

Claire just came up to me and handed me a small piece of fabric and said, "Mommy make somefing" That makes it worth it:)


Jennifer Lyn said...

I love her dresses! You did such a good job on them! Emma got really excited to see Claire. She wanted to go play. :( We miss you guys. But we are excited that you are settled. I am excited to see pics of your house.

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Man Laurel I wish I was as talented as you! I'm so glad you finally posted, I've missed hearing from you!! I'm dying to see pics of your house. I bet it's been crazy busy at your place!!

Hailey said...

It's still so crazy to me that you have a two year old. She looks just like you! I love that you dress her up in the cutest clothes. I bet the two of you have a great time together :).

Molly said...

I agree with Hailey. It blows my mind that you have a child that can talk! Great job on the dresses. So cute! :)

Lenice said...

Wow! These are CUTE dresses. You are so talented Laurel.